I hate glass!

I'm having a go at Sunday Photo Fiction this week!

I’m forever cutting my fingers. I should have shares in Band-Aid, I buy more than my fair share of them.

It's glass’s fault. It’s too sharp. It’s too fragile. It’s too splintery. It falls apart too easily. I broke a mirror once. They say that brings bad luck. Too right, the mirror had cost me a small fortune! 

I wear glasses for reading (not wine glasses!). I put them on once and one side was all bleary so I grabbed a tissue and tried wiping them but  I poked myself in the eye because the lens had popped out of the frame when I wasn’t watching - not that I’d have seen it of course.

Anyway, a bunch of us were round Julien’s pad the other night having drinky-poos and peanuts. He made us some posh cocktails. Lord knows what was in them but they looked great in his expensive cocktail glasses. Well, he proposed a toast and we all went clink-clink-clink very cautiously, but for some reason, a chunk of glass chose to break free from mine. I was devastated! I mean, what a WASTE of alcohol!

Thanks to Donna for hosting. 

The picture is by ifelias @Morguefile

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  1. As some folks say, "Them's the breaks."
    (Keith can verify that I like puns.)