I hate glass!

I'm having a go at Sunday Photo Fiction this week!

I’m forever cutting my fingers. I should have shares in Band-Aid, I buy more than my fair share of them.

It's glass’s fault. It’s too sharp. It’s too fragile. It’s too splintery. It falls apart too easily. I broke a mirror once. They say that brings bad luck. Too right, the mirror had cost me a small fortune! 

I wear glasses for reading (not wine glasses!). I put them on once and one side was all bleary so I grabbed a tissue and tried wiping them but  I poked myself in the eye because the lens had popped out of the frame when I wasn’t watching - not that I’d have seen it of course.

Anyway, a bunch of us were round Julien’s pad the other night having drinky-poos and peanuts. He made us some posh cocktails. Lord knows what was in them but they looked great in his expensive cocktail glasses. Well, he proposed a toast and we all went clink-clink-clink very cautiously, but for some reason, a chunk of glass chose to break free from mine. I was devastated! I mean, what a WASTE of alcohol!

Thanks to Donna for hosting. 

The picture is by ifelias @Morguefile


I'm back!

It’s still here! My blog! I thought it would have wandered off feeling unloved. After all, I’ve not written anything on it since I was in volunteering Africa nine years eleven months and two days ago, and that’s a long time. Isn’t it? 

My friend Keith says I should bring it back to life so here I am, wondering what on earth to write. He said a nice person called Sammi throws a word into the ring on Saturdays and asks us to come up with a story using it. I just looked and it’s complex - the word that is, not the challenge, that’s actually quite simple. Except there’s a word limit of 41 and brevity is not my strong point. (No need to nod your head so enthusiastically!)

Let’s have a go….

Conny invited me to a party in her apartment. It’s in a complex which lives up to its description because I had to walk round and round and up and down just find where her bloody door was! Worth it though.

I should have warned you about that naughty word, explicit content I think it’s called. Sorry!

Click HERE to take part or see what others have come up with.

So, there we are. I'll try not to leave it so long next time - maybe just eight years! Only kidding, bye x