Moan moan moan

I don’t ask for much. All I wanted was an early night. Just look at the time, it’s nearly midnight. It’s no good trying to go to sleep now, the moments passed. And do you know why? Because Keith just came on the phone and moaned because I forgot his birthday today!

Well, Actually I didn’t forget it. How could I? It was my birthday today too. And mine was more important ‘cos it hit the big three-oh! I had a lovely time tonight with my parents by the way.

Ok, so he posted me a card and sent some flowers. But there was no point in me sending him anything because he was away on a training course. I knew it finished today but I didn’t think he’d get back today because I’m certain he said it was in Switzerland. Now he tells me it was actually in Swindon and he said I must be going deaf! Bloody cheek.

Anyway I’m seeing him tomorrow night so he’ll just have to wait until then.

Oh my goodness – guess what? The other night, Thursday I think it was, he told me that they had a sort of jam session in the hotel bar (why do they call it a jam session? It’s not as if they sit eating strawberry conserve on toast!) Seems the two trainers both brought their guitars down and they had a sing song. If you know Keith then you know what I’m about to tell you. Yep, he sang that awful Ole Shep song again.

Did I tell you how that started? In case I didn’t I’ll tell you again (that doesn’t make sense but you know what I mean) Well, when Keithy was a mere lad of 17 he entered a charity talent night, and that’s the song he chose to sing. He always tells everybody he had the audience in tears. If you’ve ever heard him sing it you’ll quite understand why! Anyway, the charity the contest was raising money for a dog rescue centre. Only Keith could have chosen a song about a dog getting shot!

Well I am going to bed now. I must get some beauty sleep because tomorrow night we are having a joint birthday do, and I need to look my best. Actually, it's tonight, I've just noticed the time! Night night.

I’m back! I heard a dog joke the other day and I don’t get it. I know what you are thinking ‘Rosey never gets jokes’. But this one is so short it should be simple to get. It goes, ‘Why didn't the dog speak to his foot ? Because it's rude not to speak to your paw'. Is that funny? I don't think so.


Lucy said...

happy birthday rosey and Keith!!
the dog joke?? I didn't think it made sense shouldn't it be. why DID the dog speak to his foot well unless he wanted to be a rude dog? I have to think on this a bit.. but it's late for me too Ro and I am off to bed.
hope u enjoy 30!! it's just a number and u will forever be young at heart! xox

Janet said...

Happy birthday. 30 is only the beginning!!! I'm going to wish Keith happy birthday on his blog.