We only wanted a bit of fun!

Oh dear, some of the lads aren’t talking to me. I’m in the doghouse, in the dog poo even.

Well, I thought what we did was funny and so did my mate Amanda. I mean, have you ever been to a football match? Not the American game where huge hunky guys look even huger and hunkier thanks that sexy armour they wear! No, that boring game in which twenty or so hairy sweaty blokes run around in baggy shorts, swearing like troopers whilst kicking a ball backwards and forwards between them.It just needed lightening up a bit.

Anyway we agreed to turn up at the match because some of our friends were playing. Apparently it was the final of some local village competition. Now I’m not talking about a big stadium game. Not even a little stadium game. We met on the village green and stood in the middle of a row of onlookers who were spread out along a white line at the edge of the pitch.

Now, put yourself in our position. It’s cold enough to freeze the do-da’s off a brass monkey. The game was going nowhere with not a single goal being scored in over an hour. And then the ball dribbled straight towards Amanda and me.

We didn’t need to look at each other, we didn’t even speak. We knew what had to be done and we did what came naturally!
I tapped the ball toward Amanda and then ran back a bit. Amanda nudged the ball back to me, I kicked to Amanda and we were away. At last we were having fun! Both teams came lumbering after us as we ran all over the green and beyond. The footballers tried all sorts of moves to get their ball back, but our footwork was too nifty for them and all they did was trip over their own feet and bump into each other!

Then Amanda pointed towards the abandoned football pitch with its two empty goal net things. We knew what we had to do.We ran straight for the pitch and Amanda booted the ball high into the sky right over the heads of the lads. They just stood there looking up, helpless to do anything. It was like slow motion. Then it fell from the sky right above me. I just butted it with my head and the ball shot straight into the centre of an open goal!

Now, there are two schools of thought about what went on that day. The football fans say that we ruined the most important game of the season. We say that thanks to us it turned out to be the most entertaining game of the season. Right now the jury’s out, but I’m sure we’ll have the last laugh – just as we did on the day!


Whitesnake said...

I am only interested in what you were wearing......

rosey said...

Mind your own business big boy!!

Whitesnake said...
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Giggles said...

Oh Rosey I'm sure the footballers thought you a doll. A few of the grumpy pants males may not have seen the humor....but I think you're a riot!! A brave two you are...can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing when I was young. I could hit the ball farther than many guys...you're just building memories my dear! Keep having fun while you can!

Hugs GIggles

Janet said...

Never apologize Rosey. You livened up the game for a lot of people. Even the guys who are supposedly mad will talk about that one for years!

Anonymous said...

It was fun reading this !!! :)

BJ Roan said...

Too funny! Now that I've heard the real accounting, I'll go back and read Keith's.

Granny Smith said...

It's not too surprising that you and Keith present complementary sides of the same story!