Silent night? I don't think so!

I’ve just come across this funny record of someone called Tom Waits singing Silent Night. Silent Night? He’s yelling his head off!

Actually he sounds just like old Arthur at the pub on karaoke night after he’s had a bevy or two!

When I first heard it I had this image of a scruffy old fella with a bent cigarette dangling from his bottom lip, crawling up to the crib in Bethlehem, peering in at the baby with his bleary eyes and starting to sing at it with his beery breath.

I could imagine the baby thinking “perhaps that plan I’ve got to turn water into wine when I grow up is not such a good one after all!”

Ps. The other carols on my playlist are quite unusual too - especially the Chinese kids singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing!


jadey said...

Hey Rosey,

I love your choices of the Christmas Carols too funny. Weezer did a pretty good job lol. Well I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas. Hugs to you My five things about Christmas are up.

Janet said...

Tom Waits takes some getting used to. I haven't heard his version of Silent Night. Not sure I want to!