Will you miss me?

I’m in a rut! I really am. I’m thirty years old and I’ve done nothing with my life. So I have decided to break free!

Loads of my friends are married - several have children, but I haven’t, so I reckon this is the moment to add a little adventure to my existence.

I love my job to bits. Working with kids is great fun, but I’m not a real teacher and to be honest my job could never really be termed a career. I’ve got my allotment which is fab, but giving it up is hardly going to make an impression on third world starvation. I knit like crazy, but I’m running out of people who want scarves and mittens.

So I’ve decided to take a few months out, and use my freedom to do a little bit for the planet or its people. I want to get away and look at my life from a distance. Then I can hopefully make a contribution somewhere in the world whilst at the same time decide exactly where I’m going from here.

I love penguins so my friend Whitesnake suggested I see if there were any opportunities down in the Antarctic. He thought that with nothing but ice and flightless birds around me I’d have plenty of opportunities for reflection. And he thought that maybe I could do my bit to help save the planet down there where things seem to be going wrong.

Trouble is, I can’t see myself going anywhere without things like my hairdryer. Call me vain, but that’s how it is. It occurred to me that every time I turned it on I’d melt a bit more ice and that would defeat the object of the exercise! And of course, if I took my fabulous water bed it would probably freeze solid!

Then I heard about something called VSO. I believe it stands for Voluntary Service Overseas. Actually it was a teacher at my school who told me about it and she thought that I could get a job similar to the one I have now, but working in a village in Africa with children less privileged than those I currently look after.

That was several weeks ago and I’ve now applied for a placement in Namibia. They told me that education there is suffering due to high incidence of aids in the country. Many teachers and assistants are unable to work as they have either contracted the disease themselves or have to look after family members who are sufferers.

If all goes to plan I’ll be away in three weeks. My cats Fuzzybut and Scruff are going to stay with a friend and I’ll rent out my flat to give me a little income whilst I’m away doing unpaid work.

I’ve decided not to continue with my blog while I’m away. Instead I’ll keep Keithy up to date with my goings-on and he’ll let you know what I’m up to.

So, please don’t forget me! I certainly won’t forget you and I hope you’ll all still be around when I get back. I’m missing you already! xxx


2cats said...

Good luck Rosey and may God go with you.

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Sounds a truly admirable thing to do. Wish you well and a terrific expereince.


Anonymous said...

Great thing to do Rosey. Good Luck and may you touch your dreams!

jinksy said...

Bon Voyage as well as Bon Chance!

Shadow said...

go forth and explore. and come back to tell us all about it!

Missy said...

Be well Rosey. Enjoy your teaching job. Sometimes sabbaticals or changes are good.

We know you aren't far :)

Marja said...

Great plan Rosey I got your mug in the post today. A thousand thanks.
I will show it on my Blog. I never got to know you well but your friend whitesnake told me all about you.

gautami tripathy said...

Wherever you go, be happy Rosey! And do keep in touch.

linda may said...

Wow Rosey off on an adventure. Enjoy!I will look back in on you in few weeks to hear about it.

Whitesnake said...

Antartica would have been good Rosey...........glad ta see ya heeded my advice.....you know the love I have for you so I am hopeful ya will email me as well ......

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