I don’t like long goodbyes so I’ve decided to slip away quietly. When the sun comes up on a brand new day I’ll be above the clouds and on my way to my new life 8000 miles away working with children in Namibia.

I bade farewell to my parents this afternoon, and before travelling to the airport I met my friend Keith who thought I was still to be here for a few weeks more. In fact I had told him a little white lie. For once he was speechless!

And just for once I was able to quote from a poem! ‘Don’t speak’ I told him. ‘Words will only steal the moment’

I’ll leave you with a photo which for me says more than words can ever do.

. xxx



Anonymous said...

Bon voyage. May your stars shine bright, the welcomes be warm, the earth floors dry and the snakes far from the chicken coups.
ALl my love adn energy and best wishes for your journey to foreign hands.

Missy said...

Arriva derci mon ami, be safe, be well.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I wonder if you'll get around to reading this. Nearly fifty years ago I did almost the same thing for the same reasons..... and I never regretted it. Best wishes.

b said...

Bless you and keep you! Your rewards will be boundless I think.


Anonymous said...

I thought your friendship with your friend keith sounded really sweet :)

Hope ur new job is fun.

p.s. just happened to chance on your blog.

Anonymous said...
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