I love my cats!

This is my go at Carry On Tuesday 13

We think we know the ones we love
I thought I knew my cat
Until one day he left for me
A dead mouse on my mat
Actually I’ve got two cats, Fuzzybut and Scruff and I love them to bits. But I couldn’t rhyme cats (plural) with mat (singular)!

And I do love my cats; it’s just that I don’t know them very well. I know what they like to eat, I know where they find most comfortable – on my bed or on my lap! But what goes on in their devious little minds is a mystery. I mean, they should know that I hate mice, dead or alive. I thought they hated them too because one day when a mouse ran across my bedroom I jumped up on my bed and they jumped up too! So I really didn’t expect them to deposit one on the rug in front of my fireplace!

My friend Keith is a bit anti-pussy (oh! that sounds terrible!!) He thinks that cats are inherently evil and they prowl around planning the day when they’ll rule the world. I’m not certain he really thinks that, because he does have a habit of winding me up in the hope I’ll believe him then make a fool of myself in front of our friends! I’m not convinced.

Someone once told me that cats are loners. They only sit on you because the like the warmth from your legs. They say that cats are only affectionate because they need you to feed them! They also say that dogs have masters and cats have servants.

I suppose dogs are quite clever. After all, if you throw a ball they’ll fetch it and bring it back- I can’t imagine Fuzz and Scruff doing that. And dogs help blind folk cross the road and that’s very clever too. But when I look into my cats eyes I get the feeling that they are thinking deep thoughts. Perhaps cats are the clever ones and they have a little smile to themselves when they see dogs performing for their masters while they sit around just purring, preening and being waited on.

So what I’m saying is that I love my cats but I’ll never really know them. As for men they are even more difficult to get to know. On second thoughts I’m not going there! Hey, I feel another poem coming on!.

Dogs they bark and cats just purr
Dogs have hair and cats have fur
But when it come to which is best
I know which pet that I prefer!


Missy said...

I'm a cat person because of their independence. They do love cuddles but on their own terms.

I love the curiosity of a cat. It's hilarious to watch them become agitated or frightened.

They are elegant creatures.

Great read

aspiemom said...

I certainly agree with you about cats. They know more than they let on.

I'm allergic now and I miss having them.

Well done!

aspiemom said...

I certainly agree with you about cats. They know more than they let on.

I'm allergic now and I miss having them.

Well done!

Bobbie said...

LOL! Cute read!!

Cats bring you mice because they like and respect you. You should feel honored.

And of course cats are clever! You throw the ball, they watch you point and scream Fetch...and then they watch you fetch!! Brilliant!! lmao

Stan Ski said...

I've had both cats and dogs - loved them all!

Shadow said...

i love cats too. for their independence. sweet post. and that piccie is beautiful!

Race said...

you're right men are a lot more complicated than cats but they can love you more also!
nice take on the theme!


gautami tripathy said...

Rosey, you getting to be a good poet!

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