I went to Goodwood!

Hey, I had a great time yesterday! I went with Keithy and his daughter and our friends to the horse racing at Goodwood! I used to go quite often with my parents when I was younger and that was always boring because my father used it for ‘networking’ or so he said. As far as I could see it was a way he had of splashing the companys money around then claiming it as business expenses at the end of the year.

But this was much more fun, because we went there in a big black sausage of a car which was filled with champers and chardonnay! Heaven on wheels!
When we got there we spent the evening either at our table near a jazz band (they were awful, but Keith seemed to like them. Can’t think why! They were so ancient they had to stop to get their breath back between each number) or going down to the trackside to place a bet or watching the races from the grandstand.

Have you ever done betting? It’s so confusing. Most people take it so seriously. Apparently they study something called form. They agonise over which nag to put their cash on then they watch their chosen horse lose! Me? I go for the nicest names! But it’s the numbers that confuse me. You have to make a decision on whether or not to bet based on numbers called ‘odds’. It can be like 100 to 6 or whatever. On the first race I didn’t know what to bet on so I went for a horse with a funny name, and the odds said even! What’s that all about? Anyway it won so I went down to get my winnings and he said I didn’t get anything except my ‘stake’ back, another word I hadn’t used before except when talking about grilled meat. After that I decided to take someone with me who understood such things.

It’s really funny watching the race because everyone gets so excited and they shout a yell. Things like ‘come on my son’ or ‘yes, yes, yes’. I joined in with the screaming during one race and Keith told me I was shouting for the wrong horse. I told him I knew but the one I was cheering on had a jockey with a nice bum and a pretty coloured shirt! Well, it’s only natural isn’t it girls.

It’s funny watching the people between races. Lots of the women had obviously spent fortunes on dresses and hats so they could look sophisticated a sheik. But by the middle of the day after they had sunk a jug or two of Pimms their hats were all skew-wiff and their dresses all over the place!

Oh, you must see this picture! As you can see Keith was really enjoying himself! I don’t know who they were or where he found them!

Anyway, I have to go now. I’ve got to get down to my allotment and dig some dirt! Bye.


Shadow said...

that sounds like good fun!

Jadey said...

Hey Rosey,

It looks like you had a fantastic time and by the looks of the pic so did Keith lol. Hugs to you