Where did you come from?

This week on Sunday Scribbling we have been given the words 'I come from......' That set me off!

People often discuss what they would like to come back as in a future life. Me? I like to try and work out where I came from.

Obviously I know where I came from when I was born, but previous lives are fun to ponder on.

For instance, when I was little I had two front teeth. I still have two front teeth of course, but when I was little they were somewhat prominent. Not just that, by my dear mother always made me take a carrot to school in my lunchbox. Needless to say all my friends were convinced that I was descended from rabbits!

When I was little older I discovered boys. I was always a bit awkward with boys, and whilst I’d prefer not to go into detail, I was known for getting my arms and legs all over the place. So much so that I got known as the octopus!

More recently my knitting has been the cause of considerable mirth among my friends. I wear so much wool that I was told the other day that I must come from a family of sheep!

Tell you what though; I’d love to have been born an Empress. The Empress of Eastbourne! All those robes and jewels. People would bow to me. The only time they do that now is when I deliberately drop something when I see a good looking bloke and he bends down to pick it up!

Actually I do happen to know that my family comes from a long line of yokels. I love that word! Yokel. According to the dictionary, yokel is an offensive term which insults a country dweller. But I like the word. It doesn’t insult me. My family didn’t always have money. My grandfather was a gardener which probably explains my interest in things horticultural. My grandmother was ‘in service’, she worked at the big house in the middle of her village. Yokels!

So this is where I think I came from;







TJ said...

What a wonderful twist!
Good job!

Poopsie aka Blue said...

What a great take!
Think I may have to join this weekly challenge.


Giggles said...

Aren't you a clever one!! Well done my dear!

Hugs Giggles

Tumblewords: said...

There can be no doubt then - this is truly a clever and cute post - yokel is a nifty word, for sure.

floreta said...

too cute! my favorite was the rabbit story.

Serious Black said...


Sounds Swiss to me!

jay said...

I love it! Amusing and wry, and nicely done! :)

Marguerite said...

I love it! Once again, you have made me smile. Great take on the prompt.

"Sunshine" said...

Very clever, Rosey! You have real talent. Have a great week :)

Whitesnake said...

Where is me gun, Its wabbit season!

Lucy said...

Rosey!! this was more than clever... I am off to email u!