One plain one purl

I thought I’d give an update on my knitting. I am getting quite quick at it now. I found this wonderful wool shop inside an indoor market and I thought you might like to see a picture of it.

They also sell all sorts of other crafty things as you can see from this picture. Incase you are wondering, that’s not me standing at the counter. Well, it couldn’t have been, I was taking the picture!



Anyway, I made all my friends little cell phone socks for Christmas and I was chuffed to see everybody using theirs when we all met up the other day.

My latest project has been a pair of gloves. Very complicated. You have to make sure each glove has five fingers. Then I joined them together with a long piece of elastic which I feed through my sleeves so I won’t lose one.

Unfortunately when I tried them on for the first time I realised I’d made two left hand ones by mistake. So now I’ve got to make two right hand ones, and then I’ll have a spare pair.

Actually Keith always says he gets cold hands at work, so he might like them. I know they are pink, but I’m sure he won’t mind. I saw his laundry drying the other day, so I know they wont be the only pink things he wears.

That reminds me, I saw a man the other day who was wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe. I commented on them and he said that he had another pair the same at home. Actually that’s a fib. I didn’t really see him, it was a joke someone told me.

I’m looking for unusual things to knit and if you can give me any ideas I’d be well pleased. Things like place mats, lamp shades and even a cover for my computer.

I was thinking earlier that as my fruit bowl is always empty I could knit some bananas and apples. Grapes might be a bit difficult, but oranges very easy. Well, they make decorative artificial fruit from other materials so why not wool?

I do eat fruit, in fact I love fruit. It’s just that I keep it in the fridge ( I thought I’d write that in case Mummy reads this!)

I tried a pomegranate the other day. What hard work. All those pips and all that squirty juice! Never again.

What’s that fruit that stinks? I had it on holiday once. I remember – durian. Wow, what a pong. I am told however that they are an aphrodisiac. They wouldn’t be if they were in the same room that's for sure.

A few years ago I tried planting some apple seeds. They didn't grow.

I must get back to my knitting now.




Shadow said...

that's some wool shop that! but i've never even been close to one, so what do i know.... i also tried planting an apple tree once, with the same results. boo hoo. they are sooooo pretty!

rebecca said...

Wow! That is some stream of consciousness! He-he! Two left hands, huh? Boy, when you take on a project, you like to start big! Whatever happened to knitting a scarf? Oh, and yes, give the spare to Keithy...I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Pink is the rage, didn't you know? ;)

linda may said...

Lovely post Rosey, light and breezy goes with the version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Norah Jones playing while I was reading it.

Janet said...

I covet the wool shop, although I crochet rather than knit. But I'm pretty sure that when you're knitting, it's "purl."