For richer or poorer

I wrote this for Sunday Scribblings.

For richer or poorer
she married a snorer
he snored for the whole of the night
One night he stopped snoring
she thought he’d stopped breathing
It gave her a terrible fright.

In sickness and health
his fabulous wealth -
it constantly played on her mind
Now if he stopped snoring
because he stopped breathing......

no, how could she be so unkind?

For better or worse
she looked in her purse
and saw nothing but buttons and bills
She knew when he died
that he would provide
a fortune by way of his will.

Through joy and through sadness
she knew it was madness
to hammer a stake through his heart
(metaphorically speaking!)
For now she’d just wait
til that faraway date
when one day his death would them part.

This is not a true story! Please take it in the light hearted way it's intended!



floreta said...

this makes me think she doesn't really love him and just wants him to die so she can get the money! what a terrible way to live with someone.. but i guess people have done this..

Little Red said...

ha ha! i love it! made me laugh because i can sure understand!! :)

Rinkly Rimes said...

Love it! Let's hope the old chap falls off the twig of his own volition quite soon so that she can enjoy the fruits of her hesitancy.

paisley said...

but not a thought i am sure that has ridden t he fast track thru many a womans head!!!!!!!

Lucy said...

it may not be a true story, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable one! you are so witty rosey posey!
following you is delightful! :)

"Sunshine" said...

This poem is really funny, Rosey! I think the sing-songy rhythm and rhyme of it adds to the humor. Great scribble :)

Michelle said...

whoa! loved it! I won't let the snoring hubby read it - don't want to cause needles worry!
Although lately, I have to say we've both been driving each other crazy with our snoring!! Which is why I laughed when I read your post!

Shadow said...

light-hearted intended and so received.... i love it!

Tumblewords: said...

Love it - sure it's fiction but truth comes in many packages! Great job, as usual, Roseys Posey.

Devil Mood said...

haha I thought it was funny and, even if it isn't a true story, it definitely could be. Snoring is unbearable.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Funny from the start, Nicely done!!!

jadey said...

LOL way too funny Rosey. I never ever would think this is a true story and knowing what a kidder you are this was wonderfully done ma'am.

Aadil said...

Nice, light
funny write! :)

Enjoyed it thoroughly!

Pen Me A Poem said...

A funny poem and well put together. I hope my girlfriend never sees this and gets inspiration.

Janet said...

Heh - I'm sure she's not the first person for whom snoring has driven her to thoughts of mayhem.