it snowed today

It snowed today
hip hip hooray!
I built a snowman,
rode my sleigh

I made some snow
into a ball.
Lobbed it ‘cross
the garden wall

It hit someone!
To my relief
the guy I hit
was my friend Keith

When he turned
it’s me he saw
“That’s it” he said
“It’s snowball war”

Then he chased me
‘cross the grass
Slipped on ice
fell on his... bottom

laughed my socks off


paisley said...

oh this was fun!!!! and i have to laugh.... only a brit would hear the rhyme in 'saw' and 'war'!!!!!! i can hear you saying it!!!!

i love your poetry rosey!!!!!

Shadow said...

bottom??? aaah, i understand, heee heee heee

Janet said...

Watch your back, Rosey!

Marja said...

That was such a relaxing funny piece. Great stuff

Whitesnake said...

OK I don't get it.....What's snow?

*~sis~* said...

lol, snowball fight :)