I won't give this a title or it will spoil the surprise

You won’t believe this, but Madam Two-swords (that’s not how you spell it, but it will have to do), the place with all those wax models of famous people, has a new model. I took the day off yesterday to see it being unveiled because it’s of one of my favourite celebrities! Guess who it is? Well, it’s life size but very small. I think they said it’s five and a half inches or centimetres tall, I’m not sure which. And it is so lifelike. Give up? Then I’ll tell you. It’s Tinkerbell!

There was a little girl dressed as a fairy there posing for pictures. Amy her name was and she was six years old. I would love to been asked to do it, she was such a lucky girl.
Also on the same day Disney started selling the DVD of Tinkerbell, and I joined a queue to buy one. What I’ve decided to do is invite Keith and the others around to my place for a pretend premier. I’ve got an old red rug that I can use as a red carpet up to my door. I’ll put on my plastic wings, and we’ll eat fairy cakes and drink champagne – I’m sure Daddy will come up with some for me.

It will be great. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Missy said...

I AM VERY JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! I love that place Madame Trousseau's (thank goodness for spell check) It is one of the most fantastic places to visit if you ever get to London or real close to Baker Street I might add for the Sherlock Holmes buffs.

Tinkerbell, awwwwwwwwww I hope you took pictures to post. :)

Shadow said...

tinkerbell. who'd have thought. nice!

Janet said...

Twoswords made me laugh. (It's Tussauds, for future reference.)

Sounds like a lovely idea for a party. Have a grand time.

Whitesnake said...

That was brilliant!