She who last laughs longest laughs laugh - or something like that.

I saw something in the paper today which really pleased me because it proves I am really trendy, not the fuddy duddy Keith makes me out to be! I am officially a YAPPY! A Young Age Pensioner. It says here that the 20 to 30s who used to spend their cash in swanky bars and restaurants are now more likely to head off to a knitting club. When I told my friends what knitting clubs are called they laughed, but here it is in black and white ‘stitch and bitch clubs’
Look here – it says wartime fashions such as tweed and wooley pullies are big news and old fashioned comfort foods are flying off the shelves. Me me me!

And that’s not all. I am about to get my own allotment. I’ve had to wait for someone to die because there is quite a list and luckily someone has. It’s not lucky for him of course, in fact it’s a bit sad, but at least I’ve got my little plot of rented ground. Now I can grow flowers and grow vegetables and have a shed. And according to this paper allotments are high fashion too. Loads of under 40s are queuing for them it says here.
Slippers are in, hot water bottles, Pyrex and making jam. All my favourite things, and I got there first. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!


Shadow said...

you sure are a productive one!

Marja said...

Rosey I can't stop laughing You are hilarious....and trendy. Unfortunately I see I am the opposite of trendy but he I am over 40

Marja said...

I've added you to my blog dear Rosey

Janet said...

Rosey, you always come up smelling like, uh, roses.

Giggles said...

I think it's cool you're so up on the trends...Many of those things are really money savers too! Thanks for visiting my blog...

Check my blog tomorrow I have an award for you Rosey!

Hugs Giggles

paisley said...

well,, although i cannot take credit for doing so as a result of being trnendy,,, if comfort food and slippers are in,, i am about as hip as they come!!!!!

adorable post rosey!!

Whitesnake said...

Ok ....I will admit it!