Embarrasing predicaments

This is my piece for Writers Island

I seem to get in one embarrassing predicament after another. My friends always tell me that I should think before I speak. Well, I do. It’s just that sometimes what I think and what I say are different. And things happen to me that just don’t happen to other people. Fortunately I can laugh at myself. If I got worried or upset every time I got in an embarrassing predicament I would have a very miserable time indeed!

If you read Keiths Ramblings you’ll know that he takes the Mickey out of me all the time. I don’t mind, in fact I quite enjoy the fame! In the last year he has told you about the time I knocked a display of priceless orchids over, the time I broke some poor chap’s ribs when I was practicing a recovery technique at first aid classes, and when I got the giggles when I saw a big red spot on the end of a girls nose. I still laugh when I think about the time I threw some tin cans on my bonfire which exploded and sprayed next doors house with soup and peas! And the time I covered everyone in chicken curry at a restaurant was too funny for words.

At the time things usually seem terrible. It’s only when I read Keiths account of them that I see the funny side. The worst one was when I was riding my bicycle and I had to swerve to avoid an elderly lady. That simple act set off a train of events which were so alarming that if you didn’t know me it would read like a piece of pure fiction. But everything Keith said actually happened! I’ll try a link thing incase you want to read about it. CLICK HERE. That should do it.

Thank you for reading my piece this week. See you again next Friday xx


Missy said...

I remember those stories that Keith told. I still laugh over the broken rib one.

Whitesnake said...

It is always wonderful to read about others misfortunes, they always seem funnier than what happens ta me!