Hello everyone - it's me, Rosey

Hello everyone. This is my blog. I’m so excited. I feel I know a lot of you already because I read the comments you leave on Keith’s Ramblings. Do you think he’s mean to me? He does make me sound stupid sometimes. I’m not really as thick as he makes out, but he likes exaggerating all the little things that go wrong for me. I really don’t mind. Sometimes I enjoy the stories so much that I forget I’m reading about me!

Having a blog was his idea. He said I could use it to fire back at him when he is rude to me! I will too, you see. He made the page for me. I like it.

I expect you are surprised I can even type. Well surprise surprise. I don’t expect I’ll write a lot, but I’ve asked Keith to mention me on his blog when I do.

What I AM going to do is tease him sometimes. I know a lot of little things about him so now I can get my own back every time he’s mean to me. For instance we were at the airport one day and the security guys said he had to take his belt off and his trousers fell down. I nearly wet myself. See, it’s not just me that funny things happen to. I can't say anything else now because he is here helping me with my first bit of writing.

He says I must have a go at Sunday Scribbles – I think that’s what he called it. Not this week, but maybe next week, I’ll see. I think I’ll read some of yours this week and if I can work out what to do I’ll leave a remark on yours. If you see what I mean.