Where in the World quiz!

The Sunday Scribblings post this week is Where in the world.

Hey gang, listen to this! A survey this week found that one in five British children could not find the UK on a map of the world. What? That’s a disgrace.

So I thought it would be fun to have a quiz called Where in the World. I’ve got a few pictures, 20 I think, and I want you to look at them and then tell me where in the world they were taken. It's so easy!! (it is for me ‘cos I’ve got the answers!)

To make it more interesting I’ll offer a prize. In fact I’ll make it even more interesting and give a prize to the 3 people with the highest scores! The prizes will be limited edition Rosey Pinkerton china tea/coffee mugs!

The pickies are a bit tiddly and for some reason clicking on them makes them smaller! Hopefully though you'll be able to make them out. If anybody gets more than 5 right I'll be very surprised and more than a little impressed!
When you have finished leave me a comment at the bottom and email me your answers to me at roseypinkerton@aol.com ! What a hoot!

So, here goes. The time starts..........NOW!

Keith will probably moan at me. I can hear him now.'The Sunday Scribblings prompt is to encourage and promote literary prowess and excellence young Rosemary, and you my girl are trivialising it'.

But I don't care. Have fun!


Stan Ski said...

Great pics - know some, but for most, aint got a clue.

Dee Martin said...

I recognize Dome on the Rock, Grand Canyon glass observation deck, the opera house in Sydney, little mermaid statue, Giants Causeway, what looks like a Buddhist temple and Ayers Rock in Australia - other than that I confess I would have to go to google :)

~Kathryn~ said...

I think it is a great take on the prompt .... hope you find a winner

Whitesnake said...

If I cood rite I wood

Marja said...

Shall have a guess A is in Jerusalem
B grand canion D Ayers rock E Burubadur G Sydney's opera J is on the red square in Moscow K might be the tower of Pisa L top if the eiffeltower? N might be on Easter Island P pyramide in egypt S mermaid in kopenhagen T manneke pis in Brussel (he is very small)

Marja said...

oh and I San Francisco bridge

Americanising Desi said...

oh now that is a mind tickler!!!

Check out my prompt at
Where in the world

Tumblewords: said...

Cute tiddly little pics of BIG things. I think I got most of them but I'm keeping the answers secret. Fun!

b said...

I was surprised at what I know...and what I did not know! I wish I had read this post before I submitted my entry. I cannot tell you how many times during my life I have awaken and wondered "Where in the world am I?" and I have the pictures to prove it.

Good job Rosey.