Am I worried? Well, actually, yes.

On Sunday Scribblings this week we've been given the word Worry to write about.
' don't worry - be happy' by claudia alves on deviant art
I keep telling myself that I should worry more about the big things. I don’t mean elephants! (although perhaps I should because they are still being cruelly hunted) No, I mean big things like global warming and disappearing species and the global monetary crisis and poverty and emmisions and terrorism. Those sorts of things. But they all seem so much bigger than me. Does that make sense?

I get told to recycle things, use low voltage light bulbs, save water, use public transport, re-use my supermarket bags and ya-de-da-de-ya-de-da. I say “what difference can little ‘ole Rosey make?” and they say “if everyone took that attitude where would we be?” and I say “I suppose”, but I’m just not very good at being good.

Know what? I worry about not worrying enough about those great big things.

But I am a worrier (is that how you spell it? I’ll worry about that now!). If worrying was an Olympic sport I’d win gold for England! I worry about my nails, my clothes, my hair, and my makeup. When I go to bed I worry about oversleeping and being late for work in the morning. When I leave for work I worry in case I’ve left something turned on at home which should have been turned off. When I’m at work I worry about some of the children in my class when they seem upset about something. When I leave work I worry about whether or not I’ve done my job well enough, and when I get home I worry about eating the wrong food (bad food tastes so much better than good food)

Gosh, I sound a right misery-guts!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a few words about worrying. I didn’t write it. You may have seen it before, I certainly remember it from years ago and it’s always remained in my mind (heck – what a clumsy sentence! Am I worried though? No!)

It’s called Two Things to Worry About.

There are only two things to worry about:
Either you are well or you are sick.
If you are well, there is nothing to worry about;
but if you are sick, there are two things to worry about:
either you will get well, or you will die.
If you get well, there is nothing to worry about;
if you die, there are only two things to worry about:
either you will go to heaven or to hell.
If you go to heaven, there is nothing to worry about.
But, if you go to hell you'll be so darned busy shaking hands with friends you won't have time to worry...


Beth said...

I stopped worrying about nearly everything when I played with your cute cat. Yes, I worry about those big things too, and think I don't worry (or take action) enough. Maybe that constant state of worry is part of living in a modern, more connected world. Yes, our world is bigger and bigger, but I do believe that what we do makes a difference. Interesting your link between "worry" and being "good". I'd say you're a good worrier!

Giggles said...

Sweet ending my dear and oh so true!! Keep that television off and you'd probably have a lot less worry! I'll tell you a little secret....canvas bags are so much easier to carry than the thin plastic ones. I keep them in my purse now! I can fit so much more in them. That helps me to remember them.

Hugs Giggles

AD said...

I am so with Giggles on this. the modern world has its disadvantages and the worry bit is the biggest of em all!


Shyam said...

Some good worries there, my friend! :)

BJ Roan said...

Loved the poem! ;)

b said...

This brought a much needed smile to my face. Could it be that we an only worry about 2 things at a time?


Lion-ess said...

It's refreshing to read a post about someone who is worrying... most people wrote about other people worrying. I worry as well!

Dee Martin said...

I love it! I'm going to start counting my worries and stop at two!!

linda may said...

I loved your fluffy kitty too and was playing with her/him. Rosey you have nothing to worry about with your writing ability.

floreta said...

i always love reading your thought processes in your entries.. really lively and interesting. it makes sense that they seem 'bigger than you'.. i feel the same way!

2cats said...

I think maybe you are a worrier. You worry about things of a personal nature.
You can recycle those plastic bags by crocheting them into a great tote bag. The instructions are on the internet. Just Google it.
Loved the end. Very true thoughts.

Tammie Lee said...

The poem you posted made me chuckle.