Heyyyy - it's True Colours Thursday again. My, how the weeks fly by (I sound like my Gran!) This week we are having a go at Black and White. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be posting black and white pictures, or pictures of black and white things (if you see what I mean) Anyway, I've gone for the latter!

I didn't take this picture. I lifted if from DeviousArt. It's a little black dress, not dissimilar from mine. Actually I always have trouble with mine. It's a bit tight and has an annoying habit of riding up when I'm not concentrating! Fortunately I have little black undergarments to match!

This is a blackboard. I only mention it because more and more schools are now using white boards (I'm sure the politically correct minority no longer approve of these words but hey-ho) We still have some in our school. I avoid using them because I hate it when I scrape my finger nails on the surface - I'm cringing just thinking about it! Anyway, I thought you'd find this picture of me amusing. Thanks Leyla!


I just LOVE this white dragon which is crawling up a pole in our local shopping mall.

I took this picture of swans and cignets almost a year ago. Time I went back to the park to see how they are doing.


That's black and white done. Next week we are doing Lime. Now, what goes with lime? Why, gin and tonic of course! Sante!.'


Shadow said...

beautiful shots! love your kitty. what a name!

Whitesnake said...

That first pic reminded me of you

WOW! Can't wait till they do PINK!

Anonymous said...

Great collection - the dragon much admired.

Dina ... UK said...

It is a very sad day when we have to change our language to suit other people.
The sad thing is it is not offending the people they say it is...
How can calling a white board be any better?
Hypocritical if you ask me...:-)
Nice choices....

Lucy said...

cute and sweet Rosey.. just like u!
Gin and tonic! will have one in honor of you! cheers!

BJ Roan said...

Love the dragon! And, by the way, Fuzzybut is a great name!