dear past me, dear future me.

It's Sunday Scribblings time again!.!.
A hole in your pants
just look at you!
Grubby knees
and just one shoe

The loudest voice
it's always you!
a piercing scream
and a giggle too

......... *
A lucky hand
your cards were good
you reached your goal
I knew you would

Those fabulous legs
just look at that wiggle!
Wonderful hips
and you’ve still got that giggle!


Rinkly Rimes said...

Obviously you're a happy young person so you'll be a happy old person! Lucky you!

Granny Smith said...

First verse from this blog. Keep happy!

Shadow said...

excellent! and keep that giggle!!

jinksy said...

Growing up was fun, then! x

Lucy said...

you will never lose that giggle sweeet Rosey!! this was so fresh and fun

floreta said...

this is totally cute! i like your personality that oozes out of each of your blog posts!

Tumblewords: said...

Always a great read on this blog - thank you!

TJ said...

Your words read much like a song, a happy song.
I almost felt the urge to dance but it far to early...Great job Rosey!
Thanks for the smile.

Jay said...

Yes, that which is our truest spirit will never leave us, though it might be buried deeply for a while. May you still be giggling when you're ninety!

Jeeves said...

So rhythmic. Nice one

Whitesnake said...

Rosey Ann,......Shame on you!

Patois said...

That's wonderful!