My violet

True Colours Thursday is all about violet this week. It doesn’t get any easier!

My immediate thought was ‘crocuses’ but then I thought ‘no, everyone will do crocuses'. But then I saw this little fella all alone in a sea of white ones and I couldn’t resist him!

Another pretty violet flower is the Iris. Although it’s huge compared to the little crocus they are actually the same family – Iridaceae. Irises are grown in lots of colours and they are named after the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow who is also known as Iris. And in case you think I’m being very clever I’m afraid I have to confess that I looked all that up in Wickipickipoo!

Look – violet chockies! Well a violet box. Presumably those scrummy foil wrapped, sugar coated and nut-topped portions of heaven are actually chocolate coloured! You do get some with violet soft centres but I’m not so keen on those. It’s like swallowing perfume! Good for the ‘ole breath though!

I’ve agonised over whether or not I should post the next one, but I do love violet undergarments. So to spare the gentlemen’s blushes I’ve made it very small and turned it upside-down.

I’ve saved the best for last! I took this very short video in the Five Ashes Inn on Monday. It’s Teddy Elvis and he’s showing off his fabulous violet cloak! It only lasts twenty seconds or so and I’m certain you’ll enjoy it!

Well that’s it. Next week it’s green. Now that will be fun. I may even photograph my green wellies which I got to help me to reduce my carbon footprints!


jinksy said...

I wonder where the violet crocus comes in the pecking order? King of crop, or runt of the litter?!

Dina ... UK said...

A lovely selection of Violet, I bet even Elvis would have laughed at his impersonator...lol

Mar said...

Beautiful choices for violet!!! love your shots.

Carolina said...

Yep, all very lovely and violet, but the box of chocolates did it for me! That looks just yummy!

Poopsie aka Blue said...

I'm here @ last!

Well done on VIOLET, and Yellow.


Marguerite said...

Great choices for violet. The chocolates look yummy and Elvis Bear is so cute!! I also like the lone violet crocus amongst all the white ones.