Beige - not the most exciting colour!

True Colours Thursday is all about Beige this week. It’s All Rinkly Rimes fault – she suggested it. Watch out for Rosey’s Revenge!!

I was racking my brain (should that be wracking? not sure) Anyway I was really having trouble thinking of something beige. ‘Beige’ I said to myself, ‘beige, beige, beige’

The only thing that came into my mind was Beijing! But that’s not a colour. Then I remembered that there was a Chinese Restaurant called Beijing and I was sure the sign above the door was beige. And it is!

I was eating a bowl of peanuts yesterday. They looked beige so I photographed them. Then I remembered something funny that happened a couple of weeks ago. We were in the pub (again) and a lady started choking on a peanut. ‘Yes’ I shouted. ‘Fantastic, I can practice my Heimlich manoeuvre!’

It was suggested that maybe a simple slap on the back might be the first course of action, so that’s what I did. I have to admit I gave her quite a hefty wallop but it seemed to work.
Unfortunately it wasn’t just the offending nut that shot out. So did her false teeth and they landed plop in the middle of her husband’s spaghetti bolognese.
A couple of year’s back I was given a CD called Big Beige Car. Yawn or what? It should have been called Big Beige Bore. So depressing. It’s by an outfit called The Lennings. Aren’t they the little critters who jump off cliffs? They must have heard this CD too! Oh no, they were lemmings!Gosh - I hope I haven’t offended any Lennings aficionados, or any lemmings for that matter!!
So, next week it’s Scarlet! Yipee! Lippy at the ready.


jinksy said...

Interesting post for a boring colour!

Serious Black said...

Beige isn't that boring.
Have you seen my bottom?

Dina ... UK said...

That is so funny, did your hubby finish his lunch...lol

BJ Roan said...

Great post! I love it when I get to laugh first thing in the morning.

Mar said...

Love your shots and loved that story!! I guess that lady's husband never ate spaghetti bolognese anymore!

Lucy said...

haha can't wait to come back for your scarlet post! xo

Aileni said...

I hooted when I saw the first picture but had to look for the lemmings in the second - perhaps they are in the Lennings Big Beige Car.
You must be the only one on the theme to actually get the word into the entry.