A few silver thoughts

This weeks colour on True Colours Thursday is silver.

I found this fabulous picture of a silver angel on deviant art and just had to copy it./

The shimmering boughs of a silver birch

sway lazily in the breeze above a sparkling

stream which dances and splashes

down a stairway of rocks

and glistening stones.

Did I really write that? Heck, I’m getting the hang of this!

Now, Whitebait suggested in a recent comment that I should write a piece about Keith’s silver hair. What a hoot!

Whenever anyone comments about his hair he always trots out the old cliché ‘there may be snow up on the roof but there’s a fire down in the cellar’. In his dreams! I tell him it’s more like slush up on the roof and ashes in the cellar!

Talking of silver and hair, what do you think of this hair slide? It’s from the Northumbrian Holy Island of Lindisfarne and I have been told it’s about two hundred years old – the slide that is, not the island!

Next week True Colours Thursday will be Blue.

silver angel by slekt at deviant art


Poopsie aka Blue said...

Hi there!

The silver fairy illustration is rather special.
And, the broach is lovely, I use to sell pewter reproductions of that design - it was very popular.

Best wishes

Shadow said...

the poem is inspirational!

Dina ... UK said...

I love the Angel, your poem is very good too.
A very cool slide...:-)

"Sunshine" said...

I like the slide a lot! Nice poem, by the way :)