I'm weird and I'll tell you why!

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I’ve been tagged– yes me! And I’ve been given a badge to display. Mind you, I can’t read a word of what it says in the small print, so I hope I haven’t just agreed to do something I’d rather not! This is it.

It was given to me by Tanya Gwen Minnick - what a fabulous name. It seems I have to list seven weird or random facts about myself. Why anyone should think I do one weird let alone seven defeats me! But I’ve had a go, and these are they! (gosh that was posh!)

1. I walk under ladders for good luck. Most people walk around them but I did that once, kicked the ladder by mistake and the guy at the top fell off!

2. I got home late one night after a having a few drinks. It was dark in my entrance hall and I tried sticking my feet into my two white kittens thinking they were my slippers. It made their eyes water!

3. I spent a year at a finishing school in Switzerland. Now that was weird, but at least I know how to arrange flowers and curtsy for the Queen.

4. Not only do I not get jokes, I don’t know when people are telling jokes which can be very embarrassing.

5. Right, nobody else knows this except the teddy bear I sleep with, and I hope my parents don’t read it – but I’ve got a tattoo! It’s on my bum cheek, my left one I think, although I always get a bit confused when I look in the mirror! It’s quite cute, it’s a little fairy!

6. I can talk like a duck. I know ducks can’t talk I’m not quackers, but you know what I mean!

7. I learned Latin at school and I can still remember the basics. I’ve always loved this saying - struit insidias lacrimis cum femina plorat - when a woman weeps, she is setting traps with her tears. I’m giving our secrets away, aren’t I girls?

I think I am supposed to tag seven people now. But as I am fairly new to this blogging palaver I think I’ll ask for seven volunteers instead. Any takers?..



Anonymous said...

i can cluck like a chicken!!!
and people think it is cute... darn i wonder if i can talk to them cuz teh other day this cock was doodling outside my window and i starte dto cluck and it seemed he was answering me...
way sppoookyyy!!!

Shadow said...

yeah, weird things, what are people thinking?!?!?!?! loved these little tidbits of you though!!!

"Sunshine" said...

Hi Rosey, I have an award for you at Writing is Like.... And, since I love these little random things, I might have to take you up on the volunteering for tags offer, if it still stands. Your answers were quite entertaining!